Lucky Lartey

Meet Lucky Lartey: Innovative Dancer, Choreographer, and Visual Artist


Explore the captivating world of Lucky Lartey, a dynamic artist with roots in Ghana, West Africa, and currently based in Sydney. As a pioneering dancer and choreographer, Lucky takes center stage in the Australian contemporary dance scene, seamlessly blending traditional African rhythms with cutting-edge movement practices and contemporary art forms.

Lucky's artistic vision knows no bounds, delving into themes of social justice, identity, and the crossroads between traditional African dance and contemporary movement. His works intricately fuse elements inspired by African architecture, addressing the exoticization of non-Western bodies, and exploring the profound connection between hip hop culture and African oral traditions.

Recent highlights from Lucky's choreographic portfolio include "BlackLux: Perspectives in timelapse" (2022), a multidisciplinary masterpiece merging dance, photography, and animation, showcased at renowned events such as the Sydney Festival 2023, Sydney Fringe, and the Art Gallery of NSW. Noteworthy pieces like "Exoticism" (2022), a solo creation for the Keir Choreographic Award, and "Infusion – No Movement No Sound" (2021), a groundbreaking intercultural performance premiered at the Opera House, underscore Lucky's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

In 2022, Lucky ventured into the visual arts, unveiling his debut photographic installation exhibition, "In Transit," at prestigious galleries like Eden & The Willow Gallery and Articulate Projects in Sydney. Witness the evolution of his work as Lucky seamlessly incorporates tape art and installations into his dance and choreographic endeavors, creating a multi-dimensional experience that transcends traditional artistic boundaries.

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